DMA GROUP is a structure possessing experienced professionals and businessmen who all have long experience in the field of renewable and clean energy. Energy that comes from cyclical, renewable and natural sources or from sources like the modernization and the transformation into renewable energy, of technical equipment utilized in private, industrial and tertiary sectors.

Thanks to the joint venture companies ETS, DMAENERGY e ETS-BIOMASS ENERGY, DMA GROUP offers, to both private and public customers, professional services and consulting in technological and managing activities in the energy sector.

DMA GROUP stands out with itstechnical know how and is able to design and elaborate vast projects in private, industrial and tertiary sector.
The DMA GROUP manages carefully all the activities initiated by the companies within the group, in the sectors: wind, photovoltaic and biomass energy.

Thanks to a great commitment, DMA GROUP obtains results for its companies and for its partners, who are represented by highly valued international companies, that have supported the DMA GROUP during many years. Trust is the strength point of the DMA GROUP and partners.

“Together with our partners and especially with the advice and trust from our customers, we can win the battle of renewable energy"

Antonio Del Mastro
(Legale rappresentante)