Based on the detected anemometric results, ETS ensures its national and international partners and the customer/investor support and the appropriate techinical planning to the achievement of the wind farm and follows the entire procedure from approval until completion in accordance with laws and regulations force.


Going beyond the research and monitoring of the area by forest experts and agronomists, based on the data collected and processed with special software, BIOMASS ENERGY makes a preliminary design drawing of the biomass plant, identifying the most appropriate technology, also taking care of simulations and verification.

The technical strucure BIOMASS ENERGY provides the client/investor with all the necessary technical planning support for the construction of a plant biomass of any size and power.


Based on the findings found on the spot and the technical testing performed, DMA GROUP, together with technicians of DMAENERGY, starts the design and implementation.
The valid technical architecture enables both companies to ensure to the client/investor all the support necessary to carry out technical planning of photovoltaic power station, following the entire procedure approved until the completion in accordance with laws and regulations.