Biomass Energy



ETS-BIOMASS ENERGY (to be established) will be the new company belonging to the Holding DMA GROUP, for the development and the construction of Biomass plants.
On instructions of DMA GROUP, BIOMASS ENERGY will develop projects and plants for the production of clean energy from these particular organic sources.

Witihin the structure, there are experienced professionals in the field of renewable energy, whose expertise makes it possible for the company to achieve great results in this field.

In these last years, through the awareness of the serious question about the global pollution, Biomass sources have returned to the limelight as the “friendly” energy, capable of producing, in addition to heat, electricity good enough to meet the industrial and privatel needs.

Thanks to the commitment to research by experts, engineers and industrialists, there is ta continuos improvement of the systems and technologies still in use to allow an ever greater exploitation of this natural fuel.

In this vision of energy-saving and renovation, the Biomass plays a major role.