DMA enegy



DMAENERGY as the second company of the holding DMA GROUP, has been entrusted with the development, design and management of plants and photovoltaic power stations.

The growing demand by international partners of photovoltaic power plants, encouraged also by favorable government incentives, has prompted DMA GROUP to create a special facility devoted exclusively to photovoltaics in order to diversify its activities and better manage initiatives on the European and national territory.

With the experienced members and partners in the windsector, DMAENERGY is able to offer private and public customers good services and advice in technology and management sector to realize and construct photovoltaic power plants.

DMAENERGY is able to identify the most suitable places to install solar power and better technology and materials available on the international market. The prestigious technical know-how available enables DMAENERGY to produce large and complex project and to assist the DMA GROUP companies in implementing works planned.