Research for the site


With a sound structure composed of experienced professionals, directly coordinated by DMA GROUP, DMAENERGY is able to identify the sites most suitable for the construction of solar power or wind-solar hybrid plants, in public or private areas.

The skills of the group are added together to create roots in the territory to assess and exploit opportunities in environmental and energy field of a given territory, examining at first all critical project in relation to laws and regulations, community, national and regional standards.

DMAENERGYperforms the first checks of ritual and the feasibility and cost effectiveness compared to the difficulties found during the inspection, performed by technicians in conjunction with the DMAENERGYlocal professionals.

Later, It evaluates the technical and economic convenience of connection to the national transport network and verifies the presence and the quality of the national grid transmission and substations serving the area in question.

Finally,DMAENERGYprepares feasibility reports and economic and technical agreement and widens the hearings and territory, before moving to the next design phase.