Ets Energy



ETS Energy & Technical Services is a modern and  dynamic company that belongs to DMA Group, where there are experts and experienced professionals working  with renewable energy, both in the civil as the industrial sector, referring to wind energy in particular.
This kind of energy is an unlimited resource and most of all It’s clean and distributed over the whole national territory.

Making ETS a strong player on the energy market is the expertise of its members and partners in the wind sector and the fact that ETSis also a perfect connoisseur of the places where kinetic enegy can be installed. Thanks to this, ETS is able to provide public and private customers a wide range of consultanting services both in the technology industry and regarding management.

The technical skills acquired by ETS during many years of operation and collaboration with international partners together with  careful supervision by the DMA GROUP, makes ETS capable of preparing large and complex designs and realizing all planned projects.

On instructions of DMA GROUP, ETS focuses mainly on the wind industry through innovative and focused initiatives, dedicated to carry out the mandate that have been entrusted to the company by the group in the best possible way.