The kinetic energy from wind is a "natural energy" that has always been used by man for many purposes and activities, both in the civil and the industrial sector. It is considered a renewable resource because it does not require any fuel, but it is converted into mechanical energy and then into electricity, thanks to wind machines called wind turbines.

In the last decade, the wind has proved to be a key source of energy, which, if properly exploited, allows a mean of generating clean renewable electricity at affordable costs.

ETS, aware of the importance of this source, has put all its efforts into this area, strongly believing in its potential and creating a major national organization to identify suitable sites for the construction of wind farms.

Always aware of the problems of the moment and thanks to a strong organization composed by the human resources  of the company and by established interdisciplinary collaborations with professionals and experts, ETS is able to provide important and specific services:

research, identification, monitoring, study and design of wind farms;
assistance, design and construction of civil industrial installations, commercial settlements and  from the tertiary sector of “energy-autonomous and self-sufficient buildings and structures";
technical assistance on energy efficiency and savings on energy consumption in general, with illustration of the best solutions available on the market for the industrial process taken  into consideration.

Through the presence of and relations with key professionals, ETS is able to offer assistance in  areas such as: technical, administrative, licenses and law and personal consultation on energy production from renewable sources on Italian territory to national and European enterprises.